J.Clone – Ego Ego @jclonee


J.Clone is back with a new tune titled “Ego Ego”. A creative way of translating the heart behind his art.

A great song on a beat that sounds like a combo of trap and Afro made by Sango, and Mixed/mastered by JB.




People call me weird, I don’t do it like dem others do.

Bare my heart so open like a kid with his drawing book

Heart so purple blooded I don’t side with the neutrals

A king without a crown you can’t pay for that attitude?


I don’t do this for your ego, your ego

I don’t do this for my ego, my ego

Verse 1

Rappers like they self-made

Self named, self decorated.

Self crowned self celebrated

Crowned cranes self elevated

I don’t know how to believe

You live on the roots and the leaves

I think you’re tryna get high

Why you build your home in debris

I just wanna be here when you need me

Never for the money, I don’t care if you feel me

I’ve got love for people yea I put that on my CV

It’s God when I vibe i’m so wavy like Mississippi


Count me out if it’s not about love

Call me a guru, got problems to solve

Positive vibes only that’s my resolve

Watch what you listen I can’t say enough


Verse 2

I do this for my friends not every one around be fam

Some come in pretense so I don’t hold on tight and firm

Got a girl she different, no be popular demand.

I love to hold it down for her till tomorrow never ends.

I care about the kids i’ve got my sisters listening

Whenever I get paid I make them taste of the dividends

Tryn to be responsible

I guess that’s what big brothers do.

When the money comes, the money goes

But God in me is like the yeast to the dough



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